Adhesive Tapes

Our company has made its mark as the distinguished Sourcing Agent of Adhesive Tapes from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Used for various applications, the procured Adhesive Tapes has gained appreciation across the country. We are capable of providing the top quality Adhesive Tapes to vendors within the postulated period of time.

More about Adhesive Tapes :

  • Adhesive Tapes of all descriptions of Japanese origin, for various operations
  • Electronics - best choice of tapes for different substrates, parts and modules
  • Semiconductor -optimum solutions in dicing process of semiconductor manufacturing
  • Automotive - supports evolution of automobile industry
  • LowVoc - keeps decreasing VOC emissions from its products significantly
  • Construction & Civil Engineering - makes construction works not only more efficiently and simply but also economically and friendly to environment.
  • Packaging - complies with diversified packaging styles by a variety of high quality products
  • Cloth Tapes - the best choice by packing and packaging (carton) sealing applications.
  • Masking/filament reinforced tapes - for stick and remove applications.
  • Butyl Tapes - for waterproofing. Air tightness. Vibration absorption and prevention.
  • Metal Foil Tapes - for heat resistance. Magnetic wave shielding and electrical conduction
  • Double Coated tapes - for simply joining to high value added applications.
  • Film Tapes/others -for various applications with unique properties

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